Wolf Lake (Terra Cotta, Ontario)

Wolf Lake, is one of the largest open water bodies in the Credit River watershed located within Terra Cotta Conservation Area in Caledon, Ontario. It’s a favorite spot with nature enthusiasts, anglers (fishing), and boaters. Designated and protected as a Provincially Significant Wetland that drains through Second Creek, up from the Niagara Escarpment into the Credit River.

(Courtesy: Google Maps)

This lacustrine (standing water body) is a warm water fish community characterized by self-sustaining largemouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, brown bullhead, white sucker and various minnows. Its frequented regularly by anglers throughout the bass fishing season lasting from late June till late November. Although, there aren’t any fishing restrictions on other fish species during regular angling season, conservation area rules do not allow any fishing outside the bass season. Therefore, ice fishing is not permitted on Wolf Lake. There also a potential of Wolf Lake to be considered as an ice skating venue during winter which rules ice fishing out (a plan that yet remains to be implemented but one that’s eagerly awaited!). A valid Ontario Fishing license is required stipulating all anglers be between ages of 18 and 65 before attempting to enjoy ‘catch of the day!’

Wolf Lake resides within the boundaries of Terra Cotta Conservation Area hence open year round for its scenic beauty and wildlife, which can be enjoyed tremendously walking through several well-marked trails. This natural wonder is notable for its diverse wildlife, which include approximately 151 bird species, 15 amphibians, 6 reptiles and over a dozen mammals. Conservation area(s) around Wolf Lake, amounting to over 260 hectares, is significant for sustenance and survival of sensitive species terrestrial species.

A nature hike with family and kids can be the most enjoyable experience absorbing in clear, crisp scenery as well as oxygen into the bloodstreams. Am excited to share some pictures I managed during our latest excursion through the conservation area, walking around the lake.

Wolf Lake – January 09/2021 (Image: WordyVirdee)

The loop around the lake is a sight to behold. The trail is very well maintained and busy with nature enthusiasts from all wakes of life.

Image Copyright @WordyVirdee
Berries in full surviving mode during winter – January 09/2021 (Image: WordyVirdee)

The cattails, as these plants are commonly referred to as in Canada, are commonly found around the lake. My kids call them ‘corndogs’ (and rightly so! – ones at Wolf Lake are delicious – you can pluck them off the stem and munch away!! 🍖). In all seriousness, these plants are edible by humans but definitely follow nutrition guides and best practices before attempting these for your next dinner party.

Typha (Cattail) on the edge of Wolf Lake – January 09/2021 (Image: WordyVirdee)

There are several well identified and marked trails within the conservation area boundaries connecting to the Bruce Trail as well as Silver Creek Conservation Area to the south.

Well defined & accessible trail map posts within conservation area boundaries

A couple of captures below traversing the Forest Meadow Lane connecting to the loop which is a fairly easy and flat trail to be enjoyed by young families with inquisitive minds.

In essence, a day spent well with family and kids walking through this natural wonder listening to the sounds of nature, the crushing sound of snow under the boots, and the gorgeous sights all around. Hope to capture native wildlife during my future excursions through this forest as well as try my hand at angling. I would love to connect with anglers (fishing experts) who could share their experiences and best practices, particularly for amateurs like myself, in order to get kids connected to nature more so.

Finally, a few more moments captured in the camera while heading back to the van as the sun began to descend towards the horizon. Nature nourishes and rejuvenates the soul!

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