Thanksgiving Day (or weekend) is one of the most celebrated holidays in many parts of the world. Second only to Christmas, this day brings together family and friends for joyous get-togethers to celebrate; give thanks and show gratitude for the blessings they have in their lives. To rejoice and cherish for the smiles. It is… Read more “Thanksgiving”


Taking small steps! Courage Amazing read and strong moral .. sharing with love!

The Cosmic Dance

Tandav, or also known as Tandava Natyam, is a divine dance form attributed to Hindu mythological deities. There are various Godheads ascribed to Tandav, but Rudra Tandav, is by far the most prominent known for Rudra’s (Shiva) anger and destructive emotion. There are various mythological accounts as to what spurred the most revered deity on… Read more “The Cosmic Dance”

Cheltenham Trail (Caledon)

Another fine weekend comes to a close and another awesome hike along Bruce Trail through Caledon. This time around, newly-found Cheltenham Trail. It’s not even suggested on Alltrails but happened to stumble upon it while searching the map for nearby hiking trails. Fortunately, found a gem of a trail to discover with little tykes. They… Read more “Cheltenham Trail (Caledon)”

Rockside Trail (Caledon)

Hiking is something I’ve enjoyed for sometime now but certainly rekindled love for it during the pandemic. It’s absolutely refreshing and rejuvenating mind experience to spend quality time out in the woods and nature while having telepathic dialogue with elements within ambient environment. Grateful to be living near Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve,… Read more “Rockside Trail (Caledon)”

Anime Art

Cartoons have touched almost every soul that has duly called Earth their home during their lifetime, I’m sure! Almost every childhood memory tied to human beings on this unique planet will have recollection of certain characters that bring a smile to their face. I grew up watching Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, Donald Duck, He-Man and… Read more “Anime Art”


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