War – backward is raw! (Poem)

Those who know me on a personal level, always encourage and push me to write more. Creative writing isn’t something that one plans. It is a combination of ‘raw’ emotions, sentiments, pain, feelings, or all of them mixed together for the ink to flow through the pen. I’m not a poet or laureate by any means, but write poems and prose for my own sanity at times. It helps de-stress, as well as, connects with the inner self to recognize our own purpose.

Taking a deeper dive within ourselves usually results in war with ourselves. Which is the whole point of that exercise, I believe. The war with our ego, with our psyche, with our mind; to continuously improve ourselves. That is the whole point of being human, I suppose. To turn our vices into virtues. Seek the light within and fuel it to shine brighter. What I’m trying to get at – is war. Tussles and battles within ourselves, which are necessary to grow as a human beings.

Not all wars are justified though. Humans have been at war from the word go. Looking back since human civilizations came into being, our species has been at each other’s throat for one reason or another. In fact, the majority of technological advancement that we enjoy today, which in hindsight, is supposed to make our lives easier and/or luxurious, spurred on by competition to outdo our opponents to seek more efficient and effective war arsenal. I shall defer from passing on my opinion and/or predictions where the gaining race will lead future human generations, as only time will tell, but from what we’ve all seen from our historic past, it is almost certain that humans do not seem to learn from their mistakes.

We are at the brink of another ‘world’ war. We are still passing through a pandemic. All sounds familiar from history books. A 100 years ago, it was all too same. Soldiers in cold trenches on several fronts in Europe. Young soldiers who survived death from enemy bullets succumbing to influenza. Yet, here we are again. An invasion of another country by a so-called superpower. Whatever the outcome be, the suffering will be monumental once again. Millions displaced, entire generation losing hope and dreams. It has happened many, many times before. Yet no progression for mankind on a whole. Suffering for those involved lasts a lifetime, for others, it’s a history lesson. Raw wounds and blood in the fields spilled all over again.

I conclude this note by sharing my sentiments on the currently ongoing conflict between Russia-Ukraine. I hope peace prevails sooner than later. Although inner wars with our vices are necessary to become better human beings, spilling another person’s blood in external war is always painful for all those directly involved or those indirectly observing humanity suffer. A few lines I wrote to contain my emotions and sentiments 🙂

War, backwards is raw.

Raw wounds, raw blood,

Raw, heart-rending flood.

Raw emotions, raw tears,

Raw painful, taunting jeers.

Raw display of crude strength,

Raw egotistical show at length.

Wish, deeply I do, hope and pray,

Raw and pure love prevails, stay.

For the world is perplexed, in awe,

Confused, hurt, bleeding in war, raw!


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