Thanksgiving Day (or weekend) is one of the most celebrated holidays in many parts of the world. Second only to Christmas, this day brings together family and friends for joyous get-togethers to celebrate; give thanks and show gratitude for the blessings they have in their lives. To rejoice and cherish for the smiles. It is a beautiful gesture indeed, but, should it not be a daily occurrence? The blessings, after all, are constant (if one were to acknowledge the purpose of our lives!). Am not implying we cull thousands of Turkeys for family gatherings to celebrate what we are grateful for but rather carry that regard in our hearts towards our loved ones, our connections, our environment, our planet instead.

World we live in this day and age has changed considerably. Especially in the last few months bygone. The on-going pandemic has tested (and continues to do so) many lives on many different levels. The suffering has inflated exponentially for many in different parts of the world. The young ones and the elderly are most vulnerable. Mental health has worsened as governments are struggling to keep economies going to meet the benchmarks set in the past. But in all honesty, things may never be the same again. Yet, me must all strive to celebrate and rejoice and be grateful for the journey that lies ahead. With renewed passion and zeal, for the challenges ahead, are more sophisticated and complex for our progeny, than ever before.

What am I personally thankful for this year? Health, family, friends, connections, the ability to communicate and express feelings freely, being able to make someone smile, helping someone to achieve their full potential, seek guidance and pass it on, search of the light within. The interesting aspect about all these things is that everyone is blessed by them. As Robin Kite aptly puts it, “Thanksgiving is more than one dinner. Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating everything you love.” We love ourselves, our families, our friends constantly, don’t we? So it’s pretty obvious the celebration should be constant as well and not just yearly.

“Thanksgiving is more than one dinner. Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating everything you love” – Robin Kite

I personally implore one and all to dig deeper within our virtues to make our planet a better place. So that we can be thankful for the beauties collectively as well as leave a pleasant legacy for our progeny and next generation. I’m not a philosopher nor a saint dishing out sermons but as a fellow human being on a journey on this planet, wish and hope we all strive to be thankful for all the meaningful things in life for ourselves, our connections, our environment, our planet!

I leave you all with some magnificent moments of changing foliage colours of Autumn. Please do leave your comments or likes if they appeal to you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Leaves in transition

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