Rare Lunar Eclipse of 2021

It has been a while since I’ve updated my blog space. Life, it seems is moving at light speed sometimes. As an avid space lover and nature seeker, the year 2021 was a blessing in terms of lunar eclipses. I am exactly a month behind this blog post, as an extremely rare partial lunar eclipse was visible in the North American sky in the early hours of November 19/2021.

As they say, better late than never. The full moon, commonly referred to as “Beaver Moon” by Old Farmer’s Almanac was a treat to watch as it experienced a partial eclipse. An extremely rare event that occurred after 580 years. A blessing to have witnessed this rare celestial event live and alive. Obviously, wasn’t around in person, the last time it occurred and certainly will not be around when it happens again next time.

Partial lunar eclipse, which almost qualified as a full eclipse. At the peak of the eclipse, where the shadow of our lovely planet, covered 97% of the moon. It was like a score in a test, where the teacher purposefully finds a mistake to avoid giving one full mark.

So what classified this eclipse as extremely rare? Well, it was the longest partial lunar eclipse of the 21st century. I managed to capture this phenomenal celestial event luckily given the clear open skies above GTA (Toronto). The shadow of Earth began to cover the moon at approximately 2:20 AM, hence, clicked pictures to document this phenomenal event at an interval of 15 minutes. Following are shots were taken of progressing timeline. The final picture at the end captures the entire event which took over 2 hours. It certainly was an event to watch live and what a treat indeed. As they say, once a lifetime event! literally!!

Here is a collage of the entire event in a single frame.

Hope this inspires one and all to witness the next celestial event live. It is interesting to note, that in some cultures and/or traditions, watching an eclipse with naked eyes is deemed as bad luck. A pregnant woman is prohibited from catching a glimpse of an eclipsed moon as it may affect the embryo in the womb. A virgin may be scarred for life if she happens to catch the rays of the eclipsed moon. Superstitions have been a part of mankind from the word go. That is another topic, however. I shall attempt to cover that subject if time has mercy upon me. But for now, I leave you all with this phenomenal celestial event that took place last month. Until the next one, please stay safe and well wherever you are and whatever you do!

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