Winter Wonderland

It was a gorgeous winter day, like a scene from Narnia. Fluffy white snow on the ground and clinging gracefully onto bare trees and evergreens alike. My little one (I’ll just refer to him as N – as his name begins with that letter of alphabet), who is eight and on the spectrum, loves nature. Seasons do not deter him from being outdoors, talking to birds freely up in the sky or singing away his freshly memorized favourite songs to the trees swinging and dancing in wind.

We usually go for a hike whenever we can find the time (and muster the energy – that part applicable to ‘lanky old man’ as kids refer to me these days). Not all of them enjoy the lengthy walks (yes! .. I have more than one little tykes!). The little one comes with extra packs of energy (must be something his mother ate during pregnancy as I place the blame on her – except for all the virtues they possess that have my genes stamped all over them. Ha!)

Anyways, the picture below was captured during our excursion yesterday in Norval, Ontario. I captioned the picture with the words that struck me while absorbing the scenery as follows;

Snow gravitates downward

but uplifts the soul upward

Snow gravitates downward, but uplifts the soul upward

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