Survival of the fittest!

Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher and scientist, coined the expression ‘survival of the fittest’ upon dissecting Darwinian evolution theory and applying it to socialism as well as other related life philosophies.

But what and why is the connection between life and survival so important?

After all; survival is all about pain, distress, persisting, carrying on in the face of adversity in about every aspect of life itself through all the lifecycle phases from birth to death.

Childbirth is all about pain for both the baby and mother! Life begins with survival, harrowing journey from the womb through a restricted tunnel to the world outside. First step of survival!!! … and till end of life, series of daily battles on various levels, layers upon layers of modes of survival.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom … is it? Without survival, there wouldn’t be life as we know it? Although childbirth, for instance, is a painful experience for the mother and the child, it is the most precious and one of nature’s most beautiful event and/or process. On the other end, upon death of a beloved, those surviving battle emotions to find ground once again to realize their dreams. Survival as much as it can be harrowing to the bearer; can just as effectively inspire endurance to the observer. Drawing inspiration from survival in nature has evolved life to where it is at present!!

Survival is the essence of ‘growth’ be it on conscious (metaphysical) and/or material (physical/biological) level. Elemental particles (protons, electrons, neutrons – and their constituents) are constantly surviving inherent forces to provide basic building blocks for life to prosper.

Therefore, ‘survival of the fittest’ is an adage that transcends abstract, conceptual, theoretical and physical limits!

This pandemic has brought humankind to its knees across the planet, but victory lies in survival! .. Virus is battling to survive through its host as much as we, humans, are battling to survive its mental, physical and emotional ailments!!

Survival as much as it can be harrowing to the bearer; can just as effectively inspire endurance to the observer

Holly ‘berries’ (or technically drupes) SURVIVING their glory in winter as graciously as in milder seasons! (Image ©️ WordyVirdee)
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